Art on the Streets

Be a part of the art in downtown Hartford! 

May 16 - June 15 | 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM

Tuesdays @ State House Sq. 
| Thursdays @ Pratt St.

We've partnered with Aetna to bring Art on the Streets back to downtown Hartford this spring! Ten local artists will present interactive artistic experiences for the public to enjoy that also draws attention to how the arts make us happier and healthier. Share your Art on the Streets photos with us on Instagram using #GHACxAetna and we'll repost!


Dana Kuhl - The Collective Tree: Where Art and Community come Together
In collaboration with the students from the Annie Fisher Montessori Middle School, a small, life-size “Giving Tree” will appear in downtown Hartford, along with the several stumps for sitting. Ornaments will decorate the branches with ideas and symbols of things we all need to maintain a feeling of wellbeing. The tree invites people to take an ornament and/or add an ornament.

Jeff Devereux - Happy Place
Using a large, wooden map of Hartford, passersby will be able to identify their “Hartford Happy Place,” creating a visual display of positive spaces in Hartford as well as an asset map that tells onlookers more about where people feel best. Visitors will be able to add to the piece by reflecting on where in Hartford they feel healthy and happy by taking a pin and noting that spot on the map.

Katherine Tolve – Make a Flower/Take a Flower
A spin off of last year’s “Pop Up Flower Shop”, this year’s “Make A Flower/Take A Flower” is a multi-faceted flower shop. Pedestrians may take a simple, handcrafted flower home with them or upgrade their flower for a more unique flower by contributing to a collaborative abstract floral art project. Passersby may also stop to make their own artificial flower.

Caribbean American Dance Co. – Dance Jamboree 
Visitors will be taught a routine of movements that involves the gyration of the body, rotation of the hips and arms. The vibrant colors of the costume; bright feathers and sparkling attire dancing will be an attraction for all ages. Experience dancing with a head piece while moving to the music.

Melanie Faranello – Poetry on the Go
Engage in a variety of poetic activities including “Paint a Poem,” where you can use watercolor paints to interpret your poem; work on collaborative magnet poetry; or “Jar of Emotions,” which provides passersby with a jar full of emotional words to use as inspiration for poetry. 

Rebecca Maloney – Collage Inspirations
Participants will collage and draw with words and imagery to create small “vision boards” to display at home or in their office. Thought provoking questions will serve as inspiration for creating these boards. 

Sea Tea Improv – World’s Tiniest Improv Theater 
Sea Tea will perform quick 10-minute performances in their tiny outdoor theater which is visually engaging, fun, and intimate. Audience members of all ages (and their pets!) can’t resist sitting down for a quick laugh. The 10 minute shows will focus on mental health and anxiety reduction. After each performance, a card with “Improv Tips for Reducing Anxiety” will be handed out.

Lindsey Fyfe – Street Sing
Accompanied by musician friends and acoustic instruments, Lindsey will perform acoustic folk, country, pop and bluegrass songs to pull visitors in and offer the option for visitors to contribute themes, topics, words, titles to songs created on the spots. Some songs created on the spot will be recorded and shared on social media. Percussive instruments will be available for any visitors who feels impulsively inspired to join in the fun of creating music collaboratively. 

Tang Sauce – T-Day Sessions
Tang Sauce & DJ Stealth will bring an acoustic live performance to the city Hartford, using elements of Hip- Hop, Jazz, World, Funk, and everyday life to entertain the people they encounter. Tang Sauce & DJ Stealth are multi- faceted artists, so besides music, they will also facilitate dancing with a Hip- Hop dance class for those that yearn to learn.

Anita Balkun - From the Crisper:Re(Produce) Print Market
Visitors are invited to choose from a variety of fruits/veggies and cut them to expose their interesting textural surfaces.  There will be an assortment of paint colors to use and the participant will be guided through the printing process: painting the surface of the produce and stamping the image on mat board.  Images can be repeated or layered to create a vibrant composition.

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