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Workplace Giving


Workplace giving is a great way to build community involvement in your company and to help make possible vital support for arts education programs, cultural activities, and heritage sites throughout the region. During the United Arts Campaign, the Greater Hartford Arts Council partners with local businesses and in-company workplace coordinators to create a workplace giving program that teaches employees about the importance of the arts in Greater Hartford and asks them to support United Arts.

Coordinators work closely with Arts Council staff to develop campaigns tailored to each business environment. You can hold a one-day event, or extend your activities over a week or two to include everyone. It doesn't matter how many employees you have, where they live, the layout of your offices, or your corporate culture - workplace giving can be tailored to fit your organization. Events can include everything from afternoon "arts breaks" to informational seminars to a demonstration by one of our grantee organizations. We'll be happy to help you get started and suggest ways to make it informative and enjoyable.

Workplace giving creates significant returns for companies and employees in these tangible ways:

Shows employees you support community values
Involved citizens


Positive public visibility
Strong company image

Offers employees opportunities for personal enrichment
Healthier people

Builds morale, teamwork; boosts creativity
Better business


Since it began in 1995, Workplace Giving has grown to account for nearly one-third of the total dollars raised in the annual United Arts Campaign, and takes place in companies through the Capital Region. Employees are enthusiastic about supporting arts cultural activities and arts education programs, and donors who contribute $50 or more receive an immediate benefit—the Let*s Go Arts! membership card, which enables them to take advantage of savings on museum admission, tickets to arts and heritage events, dining discounts and more.  


To get involved or learn more about arts & the workplace, contact Laura McLelland, Director of Workplace Partnerships, at or 860-525-8629 ext. 224.