2015 Ignition Grant Recipients

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Bated Breath Theatre Company
Initiative: Bated Breath Theatre Sustainability Project (Catalyst)
Award: $13,333.33
Date(s): January 2015 – December 2016

Bated Breath Theatre Company partners with museums to produce innovative and interactive plays inspired by the museum’s exhibitions. In addition the organization uses their Physical Theatre Training Center to develop new movement vocabulary for theatre artists. The Ignition Grant will be used to market the theatre company's unique partnerships with museums both in Connecticut and on the national arena and to grow their Physical Theatre Training Center.



Cinestudio, Inc.
Initiative: Website and Social Media Development (Adaptive Capacity)

Award: $13,333.33
Date(s): January 2015 – December 2016

Cinestudio is an independent film theater located on the campus of Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. The theater is a single-screen venue with a seating capacity of approximately 500 and features an eclectic mix of cinema and arts programming. The initiative will allow the organization to develop and fully optimize technology and digital communications in order to achieve organizational growth, visibility, program development, and audience engagement.



Elizabeth Park Conservancy
Initiative: Park of the Future Master Plan (Adaptive Capacity)

Award: $18,875
Date(s): January 2015 – December 2016

Comprised of over one hundred acres of gardens, and recreational facilities, Elizabeth Park is on the national register of historic places. Ignition Grants will assist with the development of a 10-year master plan, which includes maintenance and improvement of Elizabeth Park. The initiative will preserve the Park’s heritage, and improve the beautiful space for year-round arts and cultural events.



Hartford Independent Chamber Orchestra
Initiative: Hartford Independent Chamber Orchestra Organization Development (Incubator)

Award: $4,050
Date(s): January 2015 – May 2016
Now entering its seventh season, the Hartford Independent Chamber Orchestra is devoted to enrichment through superb artistry. Comprised of a roster of premier Hartford-based musicians the organization performs a canon of musical literature, supporting a non-standard repertoire for chamber orchestra and large chamber ensembles, engaging audiences across Greater Hartford and beyond. In order to draw upon new financial resources and grant funding to support its growing programming, the organization will use Ignition Grant funds to incorporate as a non-profit organization. The organization will work with a law firm to facilitate the development of bylaws, procedures and business practices and train Board members about their roles and responsibilities.



Institute for Community Research
Initiative:New Strategies for Cultural Heritage Arts Communication (Adaptive Capacity)
Award: $18,875
Date(s): January 2015 – December 2016

The Institute for Community Research conducts research in collaboration with community partners to promote justice and equity in a diverse, multiethnic, multicultural world. Through engagement with community-based research partners, the organization works to reverse inequities, in public health, education, and cultural development.  The Ignition Grant will go to support the organization’s Cultural Heritage Arts Program expansion to include local artists and foster the creation of arts-based culturally-relevant educational programming in area schools.



Manchester Community College Foundation
Initiative: From Campus to Main Street- Arts, Education, and Enterprise Catalyzing Development (Catalyst)
Award: $9,000
Date(s): January 2015 – December 2016

The Manchester Community College Foundation’s MCC on Main helps to build a culturally vibrant and economically strong downtown Manchester and create a destination where art and culture can become a driving force behind business. The organization’s initiative will help drive a plan to merge the work done by MCC on Main and ultimately create a space that seamlessly merges arts, entrepreneurship, and educational programming.

Nutmeg Symphony Orchestra

Initiative: Capacity Building in Marketing (Catalyst)
Award: $13,333.34
Date(s): January 2015 – December 2016

Nutmeg Symphony Orchestra uses the power of music to energize, inspire, and educate the communities it serves. The grant initiative will increase the visibility of and understanding of the Nutmeg Symphony Orchestra and its unique contribution to the community while increasing audiences and increasing community support.



Queen Anne Nzinga Center

Initiative: Organizational and Marketing Plan (Catalyst)
Award: $18,000
Date(s): January 2015 – December 2016

Queen Ann Nzinga Center is a non-profit organization named for a prominent 15th century African queen. The center is an umbrella for three distinct youth programs, a professional music group and an annual series of concerts & events. The initiative will allow the organization to raise its profile through the creation of an organizational plan allowing it to develop its marketing and volunteer base allowing for increased audiences and the ability to better share its programming and story.



Sonia Plumb Dance Company
Initiative: Strategic Planning (Catalyst)
Award: $7,200
Date(s): January 2015 – June 2016

Sonia Plumb Dance Company is deeply committed to education and community outreach, believing audiences — of all ages — can benefit from experiencing the creative process directly. The Company's school programs conform to Common Core State Standards and blend together movement with class curriculum. This grant will enable to the organization to work with a consultant to lead a strategic planning process, craft a multi-year strategic plan and implementation guide. The strategic plan will provide the agency with a clear vision for the future, create guideposts to assist in decision making, and prove to potential funders that the organization has a formalized plan for the future, allowing for greater trust that funding will be utilized effectively.



Unified Theater
Initiative: Measuring and Communicating Impact (Catalyst)
Award: $9,000
Date(s): January 2015 – October 2015
Through transformative, school based performing arts programming, Unified Theater dissolves typical barriers between youth. The organization’s initiative will result in further development of creative briefs, programming, and brand strategies for use by partnering organizations and schools to identify the programs that are best for their students. Unified Theater uses the arts to support students with disabilities in a way that emphasizes ability and rejects pity, paternalism, and hierarchy, and encourages others in the arts and education arena to do the same. Being able to better share their programming will help influence even more change and inspire others to act more inclusively enabling the organization to retain new partner schools, increase audiences.



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