Business Volunteers for the Arts®

What is BVA?

Business Volunteers for the Arts is a national skills-based management consulting program that pairs business professionals with non-profit arts organizations to help with high-level projects. This program affords arts organizations valuable management knowledge and new resources, and offers business professionals a unique development opportunity. 

Created by Americans for the Arts, the BVA program is operated through a network of organizations in more than a dozen communities around the country. Since the program began nearly 40 years ago, it has facilitated hundreds of projects resulting in stronger arts organizations, as well as expanded professional skills for volunteers. 

The Greater Hartford Arts Council is excited to launch BVA in our region and tap the wealth of knowledge within our workforce. We will serve as the facilitator between the arts organizations and business volunteers – helping to ensure each project is a success with measurable goals and a well-structured timeframe.  


Benefits of BVA for Arts & Cultural Organizations
     • Gain insight from trained business professionals who volunteer their time and skills to assist with distinct management and organizational projects.
     • Learn new skills and grow organizational capacity.
     • Bring in a fresh perspective to assist with problem solving. 
     • Volunteers may provide connections with a new network of businesses and individuals.
     • Build a close relationship with a member of the corporate community in Greater Hartford. Some BVA projects result in new board members, committee member, long term volunteers, and new donors. 

Benefits for Business Professionals
     • An opportunity for leadership development.
     • A chance to apply and expand professional skills and gain new perspectives by working outside your current industry.
     • Build your resume while building recognition for your business as a contributor to the arts community. 
     • Become actively engaged in the work of a nonprofit organization with the potential for further involvement in the future. 
     • Make a tangible contribution to the arts community in Greater Hartford!


How Does the Process Work?

1. An Organization submits a BVA Project Request Application. Applications are accepted quarterly. 2017 application deadlines:

    • March 15, 2017
    • June 14, 2017
    • September 13, 2017
    • December 15, 2017

2. Business Professionals must complete a BVA Volunteer Application to join the Arts Council’s BVA Volunteer Roster.

3. The Arts Council staff reviews the application and conducts a phone interview with the organization.
4. The Arts Council staff reviews the roster of BVA Volunteers to find the right match of skills and interests. Information regarding the project request will be shared with potential volunteers.
5. The Arts Council staff makes an electronic introduction between the organization’s Project Leader and a potential volunteer.
6. Organization staff and volunteer schedule a Match Meeting to take place at the organization’s facilities.
7. During the Match Meeting, the Project Leader and Volunteer discuss the project’s deliverables, scope of work and timeframe.

  • If it feels like the right match, both parties complete a BVA Project Agreement Form and return a copy to the Arts Council
  • If it doesn’t feel quite right, no problem! We’ll go back to the drawing board and find the right volunteer for the project.

8. The BVA Volunteer and organization work together to complete the project over 3 – 6 months.

9. The Arts Council will check in with both parties over the course of the project to make sure things are rolling. Organizations will be expected to complete a Progress Report 2 months after the project commences.
10. At the end of a project, both the BVA Volunteer and the Organization complete the appropriate BVA Final Report. 

The Project Menu is courtesy of the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council and was funded through the generous support of the ALCOA Foundation. 

Business Volunteers for the Arts® is a program for the Americans for the Arts, and GHAC is a licensed program partner.



Project Menu

  Accounting Systems Review

 Business Plan

 Communications Audit

 Financial Reporting

 Marketing Plan

Other project ideas? Contact us!


For Organizations:
Organization Application
Organization Progress Report
Organization Final Report
Project Agreement
Project Menu

For Volunteers:
Volunteer Application
Volunteer Progress Report


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