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Creative Inspiration. Team Building. Fun. 

Bring your team to the newest creative destination in downtown Hartford, the Arts Council’s Art Room. Offering arts breaks to inspire creativity, as well as team building experiences, The Art Room is a great way to bring excitement to your next meeting or team outing. All Art Room experiences include an instructor to lead your group through your chosen activity and all the materials needed to create your masterpiece in a fun, relaxing atmosphere located at 100 Pearl Street. And the best part - all proceeds from The Art Room benefit the Arts Council’s United Arts Campaign, which is helping to improve lives and transform communities through the arts.

Activity Options

Drip + Splat Painting 
Recreate Jackson Pollock’s contemporary art through a unique, team-building painting experience. Two options available:

1. Two 36” x 36” canvases to hang at your office!
Groups of 6-12: $40 per person / Groups of 13-18: $36 per person
Optional: Add your company’s logo to the canvas to make it one-of-a-kind! ($50 per canvas)

2. A 9” x 12” canvas for each participant!
Groups of 6-12: $30 per person / Groups of 13-18: $27 per person

Soothing Mandalas 
Adult coloring is all the rage, but take it to the next level by creating a relaxing mandala. An instructor will lead your group in a workshop on how to create your own mandala design, or color a pre-printed design. This therapeutic exercise is a relaxing form of self-expression and can help your team unlock creativity.
Groups of 6-12: $35 per person / Groups of 13-18 people: $32 per person

Work of Art Project
A group painting activity with each member tackling their own small piece of the puzzle. Once all the pieces are finished, the group combines their creations to reveal a beautiful whole.
Groups of 9-12: $45 per person / Groups of 13-16 people: $42 per person

Post-it Note Mural 
Great for larger groups, the post-it note mural allows teams to work together to fill in a large, color-coded grid that slowly reveal a masterpiece - using post-it notes!
Recommended for groups of 7+. $650 per group.


For additional information or to make reservations, please call Paul Stigliano, Director of Workplace Partnerships, at 860-525-8629.

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