More than half of the money raised during the United Arts Campaign is invested back into the community through one of the Arts Council's grant programs. Grants are designed to fund essential needs, support collaboration and innovation and allow organizations to produce work of the highest artistic caliber. There are several types of grants available from the Arts Council. Each grant has its own set of criteria and sometimes a different application procedure. 

The Arts Council is committed to a fair, equitable and transparent grant making process. Our grant programs are highly competitive and an application does not guarantee funding. We want our donors and investors to be proud of the events, programs and organizations that receive United Arts support.

Deadlines for each grant can be found by clicking the "Learn More" link under each of the grant headings on the left of this page.

How to Apply 

1 | Determine Eligibility
Survey each of our grant programs and understand what types of programs and projects we support. Review carefully the eligibility guidelines on the web site and in each application form. We also provide a list of recent grant recipients and projects.

2 | Get Notified of Upcoming Deadlines
Sign-up for our ArtsScoop newsletter to receive announcements about upcoming application deadlines. Information is also available on our web site.

3 | Indicate your Intent to Apply
Many of our grant programs require an Intent to Apply, with basic organizational information and an outline of the proposed project. Check the requirements for each grant program—you must fill-out an Intent to Apply before submitting your application. 

4 | Complete the Application
Fill-out the application in its entirety, and make sure you submit the necessary supplementary materials. Applications must be submitted to the Arts Council by the deadline to be considered for funding.

We're here to help! The Arts Council wants to see you succeed. If you have any questions or difficulty completing the application process, please contact a member of our Community Investment Team for assistance.

Reviewing Grants

1 | The Panel Process
The Arts Council convenes a panel of volunteers for each grant program to carefully review all eligible applications. Panelists review the criteria of each grant, judging the proposed project or event on the merit of its application and expected community impact. After deliberating, the panel develops a recommendation of grant awards.

2 | Final Approval
Allocations recommendations are submitted to the Arts Council's Board of Directors for final approval. Once the Board votes on the panel's recommendations, grantees are notified of their success. 

Your Award

1 | Grant Contracts
Each grant requires a signed contract from your Executive Directors. Grant contracts include information on how dollars can be spent; grant payment schedule; and proper recognition for your award. Please pay close attention to these requirements.

2 | Publicizing Your Project
The Arts Council has a variety of umbrella marketing services for you to take advantage of. Make sure to submit your event to our 7-Day Forecast, post on our social media channels and contact a member of the Marketing Team for assistance in getting the word out.

3 | Final Report
Grants require a completed report before receiving final payment. These final reports help us communicate the success of your program to our donors and investors. We may also ask for examples of recognition, so we can be sure the Arts Council receives appropriate credit. (Some programs also require a Progress Report. Review guidelines carefully) 


Grant Programs

Read these descriptions and follow the links below to learn about each of our grant programs.

Charter Grants
Unrestricted funding for the region's most significant cultural assets, supporting essential expenses.
Learn More

Artscape Grants
Grants to community programs and projects that use the arts to improve the quality of life in our cities and towns.
Learn More

Hartford Events Grants
Supporting cultural events, parades, festivals and performances in the Capital City.
Learn More

Ignition Grants
Brand-new, capacity building support to drive arts innovation and revolutionary new solutions.
Learn More

Neighborhood Studios
Summer arts apprenticeship program managed by the Arts Council and hosted by local cultural institutions. Grant awards cover studio expenses and apprentice stipends.
Learn More

Arts & Wellness Grants
Supports programs and projects that address health issues by utilizing creativity as a tool to enrich lives. 
Learn More 


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